Eco & Sustainable Gift Boxes

Eco & Sustainable Gift Boxes


Eco & Sustainable Gifts Boxes,


Eco gift sets are the perfect gift for the eco-conscious person in your life.

Gift Boxes are suitable for an indulgent selection of soaps for the whole family or for the ultimate soap lover!

All contain our hand-made cold processed soap, body products and haircare products with all natural sustainable ingredients.


All our gift sets are presented in eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging with personalised labels.


Send a gift box to those who appreciate natural skincare & need more nourishment. Our soaps are gentle enough to use on your face, hands & body. Skin will love the natural ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, clays & botanicals that are packed in to our formulas.


Choose from our gift sets:


Gently Gently Gift Set; Honey & Oats Soap, Naturel Body butter, Just Shampoo Bar and Natural Hair conditioner


Wakey Wakey Gift Set; Patchouli and garden sage Soap, Orange Body Butter, Mint an Lavender Shampoo and Orange & Verbena Hair Conditioner


Active Bodies Gift Set; Birch and Sandalwood Soap, Patchouli Body butter, Cedarwood & Sage Shampoo Bar and Patchouli Lavender Hair conditioner


Facial Harmony Gift Set; Tansy Blue Soap, Honey & Oats, Patchouli & Sage Soap and Neroli Body butterk