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The Kitchen Gift box

The Kitchen Gift box


The Kitchen gift basket:


Includes washing up / cleaning solid soap.

Natural bristle washing up brush.

Body soap bar

Pack of Bees wax wraps


Perfect for that useful and yet thoughtful gift. Sweet smelling Orange or Lavender washing up / cleaning solid soap with one of our soaps. A natural bristle washing up brush. A pack of bees wax wraps for the kitchen.

Solide Kitchen soap can be used for cleaning and handwashing too. 


Replacing unecessary plastic kitchen bottles, this is a long lasting soap sustainable and 100 % Natural.  

Bees wax wraps are suitable for many uses in the kitchen replacing plastic food wrap.


Weight: 350g Kitchen Soap, 100g Soap 



    Please contact us immediatley if you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase, or it doesn't arrive in perfect Colombe Elements condition.


    Coconut butter, Castor oil, Orange essential oil or Lavender essential oil

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