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Lifetime to travel

Now more than ever we feel very grateful for where we live and our humble lifestyle in rural France, where we bring up our children surrounded by beauty. Its not for everyone and one day i will tell our story but for now i want to share for us living in the Pyrenees is like being in the middle of a sea surrounded by wonderful islands. Each one different, completely, yet all within reach. Ever since our children were born we have travelled with them. Whilst we travel we show our children something new and hopeful exciting with a little bit of education too, to enrich their life.

From experience, a child who has travelled has a an open mind and positive outlook on life and dreams.... really big dreams! They see the real world, sometimes not all pretty and even some of it has already disappeared. Our children are the future generation, continuing what has only just started to change the world we are living in.

The last couple of months has allowed us to have had time together. Time to reflect and remember our holidays and memories from far and wide. Time to plan and make a list of the next destinations we plan to go in the future. Time is all we have at the moment and its precious.

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