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Natures gifts

During the difficult times in the world at the moment, its hard not to appreciate all the free beautiful gifts nature gives us. I went for a walk (within the 1km limit) and picked some very ordinary often overlooked dandelions. I recently read an article about the use of dandelions in healing balms / salves / creams and even being tested against cancer. So i collected a jar full of dandelion flowers and let them dry for a few days on some paper. Once dried place them in a carrier oil, i used jojoba. I set up a double boiler, keep an eye on the water level and left to simmer for a couple hours. I strained the oil and then voila had myself a lovely dandelion infused oil. This can be then used for general muscle rub to help with aches and pains. I added mine to some bees wax and made a few pots of lovely Lip Balm salve (#DandiLipBalm), to help cracked and chapped lips. This will also be great for anyone working with their hands outdoors or suffering with dry skin patches.


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