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The humble soap cube

A simple cube of soap that gets your dishes sparkly clean. It contains coconut oil, water, castor oil, lye, and I add orange essential oil, for a fresh scent in the kitchen.

Solid cleaning soap is one of the most useful products you can have to help you save money and live sustainably. Although it is too harsh to use on your skin, is perfect for household chores. Best of all you dont have to have endless plastic bottles of various cleaners under or next to your sink. It takes up hardly any room, and is packaging free.

Keep it dry between uses, i use wooden soap holders.

Some ideas for your soap cube:

  • Use it as a dish soap in the kitchen. Keep a bar on a soap dish with a wooden scrub brush and dish cloth by the sink, rub the cube with your brush or cloth and clean your dishes. To soak items simply run the soap cube under the tap to make bubbles and leave the dishes to soak in the sink. 

  • Rub the bar directly on any laundry with stains before you put them in the wash. A little water and some scrubbing with this soap will basically pretreat stains. It good for greasy or ground in stains, like dirty collars and sleeves around the wrists.

  • Make soap flakes with a grater. This makes a nice scrubbing cleanser for the bathroom toilet, shower, or bath. You will need to rinse well after using it. but don’t try this on your mirror or floor.

  • Take a bar with you on your travels to hand-wash small items of clothing. Being a solid bar of soap, it poses no problems at the airport in hand luggage if you're travelling lite.


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