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Organic Bees Wax cube

Organic Bees Wax cube


Bring your Beeswax Wraps back to life! Or make your own…

This rejuvenator cube will give the Beeswax Wraps a longer life. After several months if the wax has started to come off, or the wraps seem dry, this wax cube will make them good as new again.

With a cube of our wax you will be able to rejuvenate approximately; 2 packs of mixed size wraps

  • Instructions to use the rejuvenate cube

    • 1. Preheat electric oven to 100° (very low)  
    • 2. Melt the cube in a non stick pan, turn off immediatly when melted
    • 3. Place a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray
    • 4. Place the used wrap on top of the baking paper
    • 5. Using a natural bristle paint brush spread the wax evenly over the whole wrap
    • 6. Place in the heated oven for 1 minute
    • 7. Check the wrap is nice and evenly coated with the melted wax, if needed rebrush or add a little more wax and replace in the oven for a further minute.
    • 8. Carefully remove the wrap, picking it up by the corners, and let air dry.
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