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Beeswax Wraps (3 pack)

Beeswax Wraps (3 pack)


Bees Wax Wraps 100% Natural ingredients including Cotton fabric, Bees wax, Jojoba oil and Pine Resin


1 x 15x15cm

1 x 22x22cm

1 x 30x30cm


  1. 100% natural - Compared to cling film, our Beeswax Wraps are all natural so no nasties will leach into your food whilst its being stored. 

  2. Keeps food fresh - The natural ingredients with the organic/cotton fabric allows our wraps to breathe, making sure food stays fresh. 

  3. Clingy - Pine resin gives our wraps a natural adhesive making sure your food is sealed tight, the warmth from your hands helps mould the wraps to give a good seal. 

  4. Re-usable - Our reusable food wax wraps can be washed in cold water with a little bit of soap and they are ready to use again. After 2/3 months just refresh them.

  5. 100% Biodegradable - Once the wrap has reached its maximum use, you can simply put it in your compost pile.

  • Care instructions

    After use, wash your Beeswax Wrap with mild soap and cold water, and then let them dry. They can be stored in a drawer or out on the counter. Every few months we recommend you refresh your Beeswax Wrap with the beeswax cube. They can be used for up to a month in the freezer, but they cannot be used in a microwave.

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