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Handmade Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine savon N°01

Handmade Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine savon N°01


Handmade Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine Soap,

Recommended skin types: Normal / Problem

The colour alone of this soap sparks joy and energy, perfect for springtime. With a tangy scent that resembles the tart aroma of a fresh pink grapefruit.

This cold pressed essential oil makes a great ally for your skincare routine. Known to detoxify and lend nutrients to the skin, reducing blemishes and dark spots.

Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti fungal properties, this soap can be used as a cleansing agent to ward off skin issues.

Overall this gorgeous soap giving you the perfect pick me up making your mood brighter.


Here our soaps are coloured and scented naturally with plant derived ingredients.

Due to the volatile nature of some of the essential oils we use, during the curing process, the scents may weaken from the external surface of the bar. This is normal soap behavior. Be assured that the scent on the inside will be stronger as you use it.

Colors may vary from batch to batch due to the nature of the ingredients.

Also, to insure a long-lasting bar of soap, it is best to keep the soap out of the direct stream of water, otherwise it will soften and dissolve prematurely. As always, if soap gets into the eyes, flush with plenty of tepid water.


-Not tested on animals.

-Created to be environmentally friendly, essential oil based and vegan

Weight: 100g


Warnings: Do not use on broken skin. Stop using this product if irritation occurs. Keep away from eyes. Keep out of reach of young children.


    Please contact us immediatley if you are in anyway dissatisfied with your purchase, or it doesnt arrive in perfect Colombe Element condition.


    Coconut Butter, Shea Butter, Cocoa butter, Olive oil, Castor oil, Pink clay, Essential Pink Grapefruit oil, Essential Jasmine oil

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