Solid Hair Conditioner

Solid Hair Conditioner


Solid Hair Conditioner bar, 


This nutritional hair conditioner, full of natural goodness.  Natural ingedients including BTMS an excellent conditioner for hair. It is naturally derived from rapeseed oil and is renowned for its sweetness. Panthenol B5 is used as a moisturiser in conditioners, making the hair shiny.

Added Vitamin E locks in moisture keeping the hair conditioned. Almond oil containing many nutrients, including polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids, as well as vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A.


All useful, these ingredients offer nutrients that allow you to develop locks of hair strong, shiney and healthy.


To use:

Apply to damp hair liberally, comb your hair through, rinse well with warm water.

Apply a second application, rinse again, thouroughly removing all traces of conditioner.


Last upto 6 weeks 1 person using twice a week.


Weight: 70g


    BTMS, Ceytl Alcohol, Coconut butter, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil, Vitamine E, D Panethanol


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