Colombe Elements has been developed to provide high quality handmade solid soap. As well as solid shampoo, conditioner bars and moisturising butter bars. 

All 100% natural sustainable ingredients.  

Along with eco Bees Wax food wraps. Bees wax wraps are the alternative to plastic cling film.  

Zero waste and sustainable products in the home.
Made in France  



Simple Beginnings

In 2018 I started making soaps for my son, who has a dry skin condition.

I was so tired of trying expensive creams and washes with no change. I decided to try to make my own natural soap with 2 simple added ingredients honey and oatmeal. After just a few days the difference in my son's skin was incredible, no longer itchy and with a smoother appearance, soft to touch and nourished.

Thus arrived the first soap in our collection.

After much encouragement and testing from friends and family I founded Colombe Elements a year later.

Expanding our range into shampoo, conditioner and moisturising butter bars with no plastic waste. 

As a family we are conscious of our footprint on the planet and try to make changes and good decisions where we can to have a less of an impact. 

Simply going back to basics, making everyday items using natural products has to be a good place to start.  

With this goal in mind: reducing plastic waste in the home, became my second focus, in particular replacing plastic in the kitchen. So we developed our own Bees Wax wraps. 

My respect and passion for the planet, means I use pure and natural ingredients to make an everyday product that is affordable for everyone. Organically growing from there. 

Colombe Elements is now online, and available in local businesses and at the local French markets year round.

Colombe Elements Fire is our range of artisan fire pits, handmade in the Pyrenees by my husband Bruce.

Each fire pit carefully crafted and created individually, bringing you a bespoke design to enjoy the wood fire outdoors. 



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